Rough Faceted Crystal Necklace

Wire wrapped rough crystal on long chain necklace by Andrea Shelley Designs @whatandreamade

I picked up this rough piece of quartz on my recent trip to Montreal. I’m not a big fan of the traditional kitschy souvenirs but thought this crystal would be a cute reminder of my trip that I could turn into something wearable.

A little bit of gold wire and a chain and voila, I have a great necklace that I can wear long or doubled up. Plus it’s an ideal “fidgeting” piece. I tend to twiddle with necklaces/rings/whatever when I’m thinking and the crystal on this necklace spins around perfectly and has lots of rough edges to play with. Parfait!


Fun Winter Beach Theme Wedding

Photos of the beach theme wedding held at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba in December of 2014. Blue mason jars, burlap, starfish and baby's breath. Styling by Andrea Shelley Designs @whatandreamade Photography by Lindsay Winter. Flowers by Lori at Ann's Flowers and Gifts.

The bride and groom outside of the stunning Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Jenna and Jason dreamed of the perfect beach destination wedding – with a twist – they decided to have their wedding in Winnipeg in December. Don’t let that fool you though; they did not let the frigid Manitoba weather spoil their beachy fun.

They settled on the venue of Bonnie and John Buhler hall at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Not much is needed to make this space ready for a wedding. The hall “boasts over 7,260 square feet of open space, with dramatic high ceilings” and it did not disappoint.


Fresh Pasta with Brown Butter Sage Sauce

Recipe to make homemade fresh pasta with brown butter sage sauce. Paired with orange and fennel salad. Yum! @whatandreamade

If you are looking for a romantic dinner to make this Valentine’s day, why not try your hand at rolling your own fresh pasta? Nothing says love like fresh pasta with a whole lot of butter.

Seriously, all the butter. So. Much. Butter.

Rolling pasta does take a little bit of effort (and a pasta roller) but it tastes so much better than what comes in that blue and yellow Catelli box from the grocery store. It is worth it. I promise you. Especially when slathered in butter.

Have you noticed that I’m obsessed with butter?

I paired the pasta with a simple fennel and orange salad. The light, citrusy dressing was the perfect combination with the rich sage sauce.


Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

Make your own funny cards this Valentine's day. @whatandreamade

In case you are unaware, Valentine’s day is this Saturday. I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a little DIY card inspiration. I used the same technique from my brush lettered sign tutorial but did it freehand this time.

Take a half an hour one day this week to paint a message and tell someone how you feel.


Thrifty Thursday: Hideaway Book Stack

Repurpose old books to hide the eyesores in your house! I made an empty compartment in a stack of books to hide my modem. @whatandreamade

I’ve been very busy lately so I needed a super quick project that I could whip up for today’s Thrifty Thursday post. I remembered that I had bought a bunch of old hardcover books at Salvation Army a while back and never ended up doing anything with them (this happens a lot). So I pulled them out and started brainstorming.

There are so many things you can do with old books but I finally settled on making a quick hidden “compartment” in a stack of books to hide my modem. This project took maybe 5 minutes. It’s so simple, you may not even need my instructions.

But then what would I do with my time?